Child support

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Child support

Learn the steps for a successful adoption

Adoption is an amazing experience that enriches millions of lives around the world. With the help from the law team you know and trust, you, too, can become a part of a life-changing endeavor. Furthermore, adopting a child can be a wonderful gift to both a person in need and to a family craving another member. However, the adoption process can be overwhelming and challenging to a first-time couple.

When you’re considering adoption, you can count on Betty Denton to lead you through the steps, from registering to contacting agencies to working with prospective mothers. With careful guidance and the compassion you deserve, no one can do better.

All of the adoption services you need

When you decide to pursue adoption, you’re making an amazing decision. However, the legal protocol can be quite overwhelming. The adoption process is amazing, beautiful and challenging. With help from Betty Denton, you can make the most of your adoption, no matter what side you’re on. You can count on, you’ll receive services including:

  • Counseling for birthparents
  • Counseling for prospective parents
  • Services for special needs children
  • Services for older children
  • Meetings between birth parents and adoptive parents

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